Initial Setup

This guide is created to help you set up and work with this theme. If in doubt, please contact us for support.

To begin, please unzip the theme package to any folder and open a command line at that location
cd myFolder

The theme's dev tools require both Node and Gulp CLI. If you don't already have Node installed, go to Node.js and follow the instructions.

To install Gulp CLI run the following command: npm i gulp-cli -g

Note: Linux and Mac users will most likely need to run this command with sudo, to enable the required permissions.

When you’re done, install all the required dependencies with npm install New directory node_modules will be created automatically.

Now run: gulp

Running gulp will compile the SCSS, transpile the javascript and copy all required files to the dist directory, ready for production.

Next run the following command: gulp serve

Running gulp serve will initiate Browsersync to start a new server on port 3000, default to index.html. All of the following folders are monitored for changes, which will tell the browser to reload automatically as you edit:


Now you can edit any html file from pages, change SCSS variables in custom/user-variables.scss, or write your own CSS code in custom/_user.scss

Hit Ctrl+C or just close the command line window to stop the server.

Happy editing!